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So, what are the articles like?

How to Get Started With Your Calling

So, God has laid a divine burden on your heart.  You’ve prayed about it and feel the Lord is calling you to serve others in some specific way to address this burden.  Where do you begin?  How do you get started with your calling? The Key to Start Your Calling Divine burdens often center around large, […]

Divine Burden: A Calling from God

What bothers you?  What problem or situation in this world upsets you the most?  What group of people does your heart go out to?  Are you bothered by poverty, violence, human trafficking, broken families, PTSD, orphans or hunger?  Is there one of these that really burdens your heart or is it something else for you? […]

Lessons Learned in the Lion’s Den

There is a lot that can be learned about how to handle spiritual resistance and difficulty from Daniel and the lion’s den. How to Face Spiritual Resistance Like Daniel First, when a law was passed that was obviously going to bring Daniel spiritual resistance and persecution, he didn’t freak out.  He just went about his normal business.  […]

Expect and Overcome Spiritual Resistance

I have the tendency to think life will go smoothly when I’m following God’s will.  The truth is that’s very rarely the case in reality.  There are numerous examples in the Bible that make it pretty clear that even when you are obedient, you should expect spiritual resistance. A Story of Spiritual Oppression Daniel was doing his best […]