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So, what are the articles like?

What Was Meant for Evil

This week I’ve been talking about how God weaves our prayer, faith and actions into something good.  But, what about those times when we are doing everything right and something bad happens anyway? What God Does with Evil As I eluded to yesterday, in a way, that’s what happened to Jesus.  He prayed.  He lived a righteous […]

The Prayer, Faith and Action of Jesus

Yesterday, I pointed out that James 2:22 tells us that God uses our faith and action together to bring about His perfect will for our life.  Today, I want to look at an example of how this plays out in reality. Jesus Prays, Believes and Acts This Sunday is Easter.  So, it is very fitting that we should look […]

How Prayer, Faith and Action Work Together

After we pray, are we supposed to simply wait for the answer or should we be doing something? Prayer, Faith and Action I’ve always sort of struggled with the question above and recently my pastor highlighted a verse that gives some guidance in this arena.  It has helped me so, I thought I’d pass it along. […]

The Ultimate Cure for All Our Trouble

In my first article this week, I talked about dealing with trials and difficulties.  In my second, I addressed how I get lured away from God toward sin.  Today, I want to talk about the ultimate cure for both. Seeking a Remedy in All the Wrong Places Trials, hardships, difficulties and sin.  All of these batter […]