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So, what are the articles like?

Considering Trials as Pure Joy

So, how do I get to the place where I can consider it pure joy whenever I face trials of many kinds? How to Handle Trials I can assure you that pure joy is not the way I (over)reacted to the trials in my past. However, I’m trying to grow in my faith and it seems this is one of the […]

Faith that Never Gives Up

It is pretty easy for me to have faith when everything is going my way.  When I’m comfortable, secure and happy, I rarely question God.  It is during trials and difficulties that I struggle. The Testing of Faith So, why does God allow difficulties in the life of a believer?  Why does He allow us […]

Asking God with Great Faith

I want to have the faith to boldly ask God for the impossible. A Story of Great Faith This morning I was reading the story in Matthew 15:21-28 about the Faith of the Canaanite Woman.  She boldly cried out to Jesus to have mercy on her daughter who was suffering terribly from demon-possession.  Jesus doesn’t respond immediately, […]

Praying with Greater Faith

As you know, I’m focusing on growing my faith this year.  One place I want to step out is in my prayer life. Let My Prayers Grow in Boldness On YouVersion, the free, online Bible, I’ve been following a reading plan called “21 Days of Powerful Breakthroughs”.  The devotional for Day 12 really stuck out to […]