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So, what are the articles like?

Stand Your Ground to Survive

When life gets rough, you have to stand your ground.  I’ve been studying Acts 27 about how Paul and the others endured a long, ferocious storm and survived. Use Whatever You Can to Survive The Bible is clear.  We are going to face difficult times.  Storms will rise and our faith will be tested.  How will […]

Hanging On to Pieces and Planks

I’m still looking at the story of Paul’s journey to Rome as a prisoner aboard a ship (See Acts 27).  My fascination with this story began when I heard Steven Furtick preach an amazing sermon called It Will Happen which I highly encourage you to watch online. Facing Difficult Storms The ship Paul is on runs […]

Not Listening Leads to Consequences

When I find myself caught in one of life’s storms, it is often because I didn’t listen to God.  I relied instead on human logic and reasoning.  Here’s what I’ve learned — stubbornness has its consequences. The Cost of Disobedience Yesterday, we began looking at Paul’s journey to Rome as a prisoner aboard a ship.  Early on, […]

Who Do You Listen To?

Where do you get your advice?  We all need input on the proper direction to take in life.  So, where do you turn when you face a difficult situation and need to make a decision on which way to go? Deciding Who to Listen To This question recently jumped out at me during Week 2 […]