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So, what are the articles like?

Is Your Faith Trustworthy?

Faith is believing in what you cannot see.  Copying Jesus requires faith.  You simply cannot know everything right now, but you have to believe despite this lack of complete knowledge and understanding. Then Comes Trials and Difficulties Okay.  So, you have faith, but then comes trials, sorrows, tragedies and difficulties.  These test your faith. These trials will show that […]

The Benefits of Cultivating Gratitude

I confessed that I’m easily lured into discontent.  Through comparison, I find myself wanting, maybe even coveting, what others have. The Path to a Happy Heart Discontent brings on despondency and the first part of Proverbs 15:15 tells us that this produces a negative and unhappy attitude.  But, look at the second half of the verse. For […]

The Negative Impact of Comparison and Envy

Comparison and envy rob me of so much joy.  They create a state of discontent that gives me a negative attitude in general. I Let These Things Ruin My Outlook on Life For the despondent, every day brings trouble…  Proverbs 15:15 NLT When I compare myself to others, when I envy what they have, I […]

A Powerful Enemy of Copying Jesus

This one thing accounts for so much of my sin and unhappiness.  Yet, I do it all the time. The Trap I Fall For Every Time What is this powerful enemy of copying Jesus?  It is comparison.  It is looking at others and wanting what they have. It might be their possessions, lifestyle, relationships, career […]