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So, what are the articles like?

Do Not Get Lured Down the False Path

I was recently struck by the simple profoundness of this statement: Find things to be happy about.  However, if you aren’t careful, this can easily lure you down a false path.  One that may appear right, but ends in a bad place. Avoid the False Path and All Its Sorrow God wants us to be […]

The Way to Happiness and Joy

The other day I was browsing the Internet and I ran across this simple statement: Find things to be happy about. To me, this short sentence is incredibly profound and meaningful. Happiness Is a Choice Life is like a rapidly flowing river.  It is a rushing, turbid mess full of all kinds of things.  As […]

Everyone Can Spread the Truth

I want to be very clear.  Everyone can be a part of spreading the truth.  You do not have to be a preacher, author or Biblical scholar.  If you believe in Jesus and have a relationship with Him, then you have truth in your heart that you can proclaim. God Calls You to Spread the […]

Be a Spreader of the Truth

So many people today are deceived and bound by the lies of the Enemy.  But, there is freedom in truth!  Therefore, we should all be spreaders of the truth. The World Needs the Truth I love this verse: How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?  And how can they […]